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Guides Roles & Responsibilities 

  1. Have turkey guiding experience with land in Kansas and permission preferable. Birds must be shot in Kansas.

  2. Respect the hunter, landowners, fellow guides, environment and wildlife.

  3. Agree and sign a waiver of liability.

  4. Follow all state and federal hunting rules and regulations of the KOSTH and KDWP.

  5. Ensure your hunter has proper permits, licenses and tags.

  6. Understand being a guide is not about personal gain but furthering the mission of KOSTH.

  7. Each guide and/or hunter report to the KOSTH immediately following any violation or infraction. Failure to report or if there are suggestions to other guides or hunters the rules were violated, may be cause for expulsion and no invitation back to the KOSTH.

  8. Check and ensure all firearms are in working order and ensure the hunter can operate the firearms safely.

  9. Understand not all guides may have a hunter every year but will be encouraged to participate in events and happenings.

  10. This is a competition and birds will be weighed and scored by NWTF scoring methods.

    1. Weight + (Beard Length x 2) + (Spurs Length x 10) = Total Score​

  11. Make sure your hunter gets to the weigh in and all events on time. NO CHEATING will be tolerated.

  12. This is a "one-shot" hunt. Hunters must get the bird with one shot - otherwise 5 points will be deducted for each additional shot. Birds must be weighed in the day it was shot. Honesty is strongly encouraged.

  13. Scouting is left to the guides discretion but highly encouraged.

  14. Turn in all landowner permission slips and waivers on time

  15. Enjoy, Hunt Safely and have fun!

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