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Our Story

In 1987, former Governor Mike Hayden and former Executive Vice President of the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce Marv McCown founded a turkey hunt to invite key people from different professions as celebrities to hunt wild turkeys. The purpose was to elevate awareness of local business opportunities, Kansas outdoor resources, and wild turkey conservation. The event brought hunters from all over the world.


The Kansas One Shot Turkey Hunt held its first hunt in 2023, honoring Mike and Marv's vision that started so many years ago. In partnership with the Pass It On Outdoor Mentors and Kansas Wildscape Foundation, five youth hunters were chosen from over 90 applications from around Kansas. In collaboration with NWTF's Youth Calling Contest, one contestant was drawn from the participants to attend the hunt. With a great community, industry, and state response, the Kansas One Shot Turkey Hunt is looking forward to more years to come.  

About Us

“It has been an incredible journey and it's going to keep going"

Former Governor Hayden and Steve Seymour founded this organization to continue Hayden's vision. Volunteers on this board are honored to carry on this tradition. 


The Kansas One Shot Turkey Hunt is running as a non-profit public charity, and all individuals are volunteering their time to organize the events. 


Meet The Board of Directors

Gunnar .jpg

Gunnar Sullivan

Guide - Pass It On Outdoor Mentors

At Large

Kelsey Puryear.jpg

Kelsey Puryear

Murray Road Agency-TrueTimber

At Large

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Marc Murrell

Kansas Wildscape Foundation

At Large


Kevin Tate

Turkeys for Tomorrow

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